Ember months’ campaign: Time for road users to take responsibility

Ember months’ campaign: Time for road users to take responsibility

Some analysts believe that there is need for the public especially motorists to take responsibility during the ember months without be told.

Towards the end of every year, the Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC organizes the ‘ember months’ campaign to sensitise the public especially road users specifically commercial drivers, because of the number of lives they convene on daily basis during the period.

Before the introduction of the ‘ember months’ campaign, many lives were lost due to the non-challant attitude of motorists during that period. They drive recklessly after consuming substances like alcohol, indian hemp, cocaine and others.

Some also travel both day and night just because of the money involved. They want to ensure they go and return to pick passengers because of the number of persons traveling during that period even when they are tired.

While some don’t consume substances, some of them are in the habit of overloading their vehicles with both passengers and heavy luggage.

FRSC Boss, Boboye Oyeyemi

The introduction of ‘ember months’ campaign has really done the country a lot of good considering the achievements so far recorded. The government agency, FRSC spend millions of naira of their budgetary allocations annually to print fliers/handbills, advertise on billboards, entertain motorists from one garage to the other, just to mention a few.

They deploy officers and men to the road to distribute fliers and also educate them. They go the extra miles to do all that just to ensure that lives and properties are saved.

There is no doubt that the exercise has yielded positive results considering what have been happening in the past where passengers are killed in accidents or roasted in the without any help from anywhere.

Investigations carried out by our correspondent revealed that the FRSC don’t allow their officers especially their men to go on leave during December and January because of the ‘ember months’ campaign exercise. We gathered that some men from other departments are usually deployed to join the ones in Operations Department to help out in ensuring that the ‘ember months’ campaign is a success.

Meanwhile, during the yuletide season, the men are seen on all the highways across the country controlling traffic and cautioning motorists on speed limit and that has help a great deal while in some cases, under-age drivers have been apprehended hence saving lives.

The 2021 yuletide season is just around the corner and this year’s ‘ember months’ campaign is not left out as the FRSC has already started the campaign, strategizing and having meetings with the top echelons in the transport sector.

Information also reaching us has it that the grand finale which is usually December and January when people are relocating from one place to another to visit their families and loved ones, the FRSC has already tabled down massive publicities and advertisements from road to road, house to house just to send the message to everybody.

Meanwhile, it is pertinent to note that ‘ember months’ campaign is not only meant for motorists alone but everybody. Passengers need to take the campaign serious because if they don’t, motorists especially commercial drivers will misbehave but if they do, they will save lives. They can do that by either cautioning the driver or simply reporting him to the men of the FRSC at the next checking point. Their destiny is in their hands, to either get to their destinations safely or …

There is no doubt that the FRSC is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of lives and properties, there is need for everyone to also take responsibility. The safety of lives and properties should also be the responsibility of everyone hence the need for people to be cautious of how they drive during this season.

The Holy Book says, “Only the living – who are careful and cautious has hope,” but the careless and non-challant ones will definitely have their lives shortlived.

However, the slogan on the lips of everyone now should be, “Safety is not for Road Safety (FRSC) only but for everybody.”

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