Lulu says he is disappointed with his boys’ performance

Lulu says he is disappointed with his boys’ performance

Chairman of Fosla Football Club, Alhaji Sani Abdullahi Lulu said he is disappointed with the performance his boys displayed against their opponent, Police Machine Football yesterday at its home ground, Karshi, Abuja in the Nationwide League One.

Alhaji Lulu who is known for his prudency during his days as the President of the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, said he knows the capacity of his boys and what they can do on a good day.

He claimed that they have been doing well before now but what he saw yesterday was not something he was pleased with. “I know my boys. They didn’t do well at all. Before now, they will knock the ball and their opponents around and then get the shots but yesterday, they couldn’t even knock the ball. I am very disappointed.”

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The man who is also a Surveyor however said he was happy that they didn’t lose at home but was worried at the attitude of his opponents and their supporters who were very troublesome throughout the match.

“Our opponents were very physical and rough, at a point, I pity my players who are very tender. The oldest among them is just 23 years old playing against older players. I really pity them,” he noted.

On the attitude of their supporters, Lulu said, “Something has to be done with the way their supporters are behaving otherwise they will cause problems for the league. This is not good for us at all and something drastic has to be done urgently.”

Yesterday’s match between the two teams was tough and the atmosphere was tensed with the players and supporters of both teams almost engaging in a fight. The match ended goalless.

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