Every year, the country remembers the fallen heroes of the military and celebrates them for their efforts in fighting for the safety and security of the country from external forces and precisely, January 15, 2021, the day was marked once again with President Muhammadu Buhari alongside other dignitaries laying wreaths.

There is no doubt that they have done great jobs while fighting for their fatherland’s land and needed to be remembered while those who are still serving needed to be commended.

However, there are also some sets of people that deserve commendation maybe in a different form of occasion and they are the men of the Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC.

Just like the military who are putting their lives on the line to safeguard the country from external forces, the men of the FRSC are also doing everything humanly possible to ensure that lives are not lost on daily basis on the road.

During the yuletide season, these men are made to work day and night to ensure that lives are not only kept but preserved. They engage in an annual routine exercise to ensure the safety of lives and properties are intact. They engage in what they call, “Ember Month Campaign” at the end of every year starting from the month of September with the grand finale in December.

They go to the roads to share fliers to motorists while also educating those in the traffic jam on the need to be cautious on the wheel. They do not stop at that, they also move from motor parks to motor parks telling the drivers some of the implication of consuming hard substances and alcohol and also driving with worn-out tyres.

The campaign is also about educating the public about the danger of over-speeding, over-loading, amongst others.

Meanwhile, the campaign is not left in the hands of the junior officers alone, the top echelon of the Corps are also involved with the Corps Marshal, Dr. Boboye Oyeyemi leading the team, also with the Assistant Corps Marshal, Corps Public Education Officer, Mr. Bisi Kazeem also on ground to give support with his media team.

Their intervention and involvement have led to the reduction of accidents on the country’s roads especially during the yuletide season.

Before now, many lives were lost to road accidents and hours were being spent on the road while traveling while some pass the night on the road.

The men of the FRSC are not allowed to go on leave during the festive period because of the need for them to be on ground for others. The worrisome aspect is that they don’t spend the holidays with their family members unlike other uniformed personnel who have enough time to be with their family and probably take them out to enjoy themselves.

There is no doubt that these men are doing their jobs and being paid for the service they render but no matter how big the money they are being paid, it can never be compared with the time they would have spent with their family members.

However, it is pertinent to note that some men of the FRSC have also died in the line of duty while trying to save lives while some sustained various degrees of injuries.

Once again, as we remember the lost ones and celebrate the living, we should also do what is said in the local parlance, “What is good for goose is also good for the gander.”

We should also extend the same gesture to the men of the FRSC, in order to encourage the ones that are still putting in their best. Stay safe and drive safely… Seat belt is for your safety and not for Road Safety.

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