The One Service One Medal (OSOM) Games ended in a grand style last Saturday, January 23rd 2021 with funfare with the Nigeria Police Force topping the table.

The games which took at the Package A and B of the Moshood Abiola National Stadium, Abuja, saw all the security agencies displaying their talents in various fields.

The men of the Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC were not left out as they outplayed their counterparts especially in Badminton where they won two gold medals. They also won one silver and bronze medal respectively.

In Tennis, the men of the FRSC also won a gold medal, three silver and one bronze. The team also won a bronze medal in Beach Volleyball and Shooting. They came 4th on the medal table.

The men of the FRSC deserve all the commendation you can think. Despite the exigencies of work due to limited time they have to train because of the high demand attached to their work of being on the road always especially at peak hours, they still came fourth.

When one also considers the limited number of staff in the commission (FRSC) compares to other government security/para-military outfits, (the FRSC has one of the lowest), yet they were able to pull out something.

With the recent performance of the men of the FRSC in the just-concluded OSOM Games, it has shown that there are so many hidden talents in the commission that are yet to be tapped probably because of work pressure.

Meanwhile, we cannot forget in a hurry the exploits of the men of the FRSC in handball and football where they excel and shine like million stars and also winning laurels for the commission.

All these achievements were attained courtesy of the support from the sport-loving Corps Marshal of the FRSC, Dr. Boboye Oyeyemi, who has not only motivated the sports team but also providing for the needs. Congratulations to the Corps Marshal and his men!

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