The Europa Cup might have come and gone but there are many things people did not know and that is the major reasons why Manchester United of England lost the final to Spanish club, Villareal FC.

By all standards and on paper, Manchester United is a bigger club and actually played better than their opponent that night but failed to carry the day after a penalty shootout that saw their goalkeeper, David De Gea losing the last penalty.

It is surprising that a goalkeeper of his caliber and of a big club like Manchester United couldn’t save one penalty out of the eleven played that night.

However, some analysts believe that there are some reasons why Manchester United lost and they are as follows:

Research has revealed that Villareal have never won a trophy in their history for 98 years hence they were more desperate and hungrier and came with a game plan to eventually gave them the trophy.

They did not qualify for the UEFA Champions League hence they saw the Europa as an opportunity to qualify for the UEFA Champions League which they achieve unlike their opponent who had already qualify, they came second in the English Premier League, EPL.

Thirdly, the coach of Villareal, Unai Emery is a serial winner of the Europa cup. Before the last final, he has won the trophy on three occasions with Sevilla in 2013/14, 2014/15 and 2015/16 becoming the first coach to achieve that feat hence he knows how to go about it even though he lost the final when he was with Arsenal.

On the other hand, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is being disturbed by near-success syndrome. He has takenManchester United to the semi-final stages on three occasions and failed to get to the final while he is yet to pick up any silverware as the coach of the team.

Lastly, Man Utd players are not too comfortable playing Europa which they won recently under Coach Jose Mourinho. They would have preferred Champions League final considering that their local rivals (Manchester City and Chelsea) who they are more successful than in terms of achievements and finances are going to be playing the final of Champions League in less than four days.

The question is, will Manchester United ever win a silverware under Solskjaer?

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