Rape remains one of the oldest crimes in Nigeria and many are still wondering why it has refused to stop despite the punishment meted on those caught in the act. What could be responsible for this continuous existence of this menace?

Rape is the act of forcefully having sex with a lady without her consent and it is a serious offence under the Nigerian law and across the world but that has not stopped the acts being carried out. In some states in Nigeria, laws have been passed for anybody caught to be castrated.

Despite various laws, people are still involved in the crime. Some months ago, a lady was said to have been raped and killed in a place of worship. This is just one of the few cases in Nigeria. It is a common phenomenon in higher institutions and workplaces.

However, some school of thought believe that there must be something responsible for this act which has refused to go and many have attributed so many factors amongst others as follows:

Indecent dressing

There is no doubt that indecent dressing is one of the major reasons why ladies and women are being raped. Before now, people dress to cover every parts of their body but today, it is the other way round. Ladies wear all sorts of skimpy, transparent and exposed clothes to anywhere. Clothes that ordinarily would have been wore at home or by sex workers are nowadays worn even to some places of worship and workplaces.

Today, one can hardly tell the difference between a responsible lady and a sex worker. More worrisome is that women especially married ones also dress indiscriminately without giving regards to their marital life.

Indecent dressing is highly common in the higher institutions; if you don’t dress like them, you are seen as a born-again Christian or Hajia (Moslem). They dress to draw the attention of lecturers and this is very common amongst students who are not academically sound in order to get the required results or grades. Some people indulge in rape because of their inability to lure a lady or to send a wrong signal to ladies who they feel are too pompous on campus, this is mostly done by cult boys.

Sitting carelessly

Of course, many girls have suffered from rape because of the careless way they sit in the public. Some men who ordinarily were not thinking of sex might easily be lured by the way a lady sits exposing her precious parts in the public. Some men assumed that when a lady sits carelessly, she is inviting them to have a free meal hence they go after her whether she is ready or not; and they might force the lady in the process if she tries to resist.

Lack of education

Although, some people will disagree that lack of education is one of the factors responsible for rape cases but that cannot be taken away. Some guys who cannot express themselves or lure a lady by toasting believe that taking her by force is the way out. An educated or enlightened person will find it difficult to rape a lady because of the consequences, that does not mean we don’t have cases where educated people are involved in rape cases. Apart from law suit, he also considers what such news will do to his image as a person especially among his friends and relatives but an uneducated person will not consider such and he is also ignorant of the law or the consequences.


This is common among ladies who want to pass their examinations by all means and graduate without any carry-over. Some ladies also seduce their employers of labour or personnel managers in order to get a job and get it secure. Meanwhile, this trend is also spreading to places of worship where men of God are being seduced to have sex with them in order to send a wrong message to the public. And once this start, it is always difficult for the men involved to stop. In a situation whereby the lady is not interested, she might be forced to have it. This is common among lecturers and employers of labour who want to use sex as a condition for the lady to keep having top marks or retain her job in the case of employment.

Lack of home training

This is lacking among most ladies in this generation unlike what it used to be in the past. Some parents even encourage their kids to wear skimpy clothes at tender age hence exposing them to be raped. Nowadays, children, teenagers use guile words without being cautioned unlike what it used to be in the past. Some of these ladies even teenagers want to lure men to have sex with them because they were not being cautioned in the first place when they were using guile words. They consume any type of substance to be high and do whatever they like since their parents or guardians are not there for them to be guarded.

In those days you can’t talk anyhow or dress anyhow because of your family’s background but nowadays, ladies flaunt their breasts and expose any part of their body without regards to their male counterparts hence exposing themselves to be raped.

Movement in lonely areas and time

Ladies nowadays are daring, they move at any time of the day. This is not only common among sex workers. Even though there is freedom of everything including movement, there is need for them to be cautioned of when they move about and the areas they pass through especially when they are carelessly dressed. Most of the cases of rape were carried out because the ladies were either in a quiet or lonely area. Research has shown that criminals operate mostly in quiet areas.

Watching Pornography films

Allowing the children, male or female to watch pornography films will expose them to rape. The male child will want to rape a lady while the female might want to taste what it takes to have sex. The worrisome aspect is that these children watch pornography films on their phones. We have had cases where brother and sister had sex because they were trying to practice what they saw in a movie while those who cannot afford to do that look for any lady outside and force her to have sex with him.

Consumption of hard drugs and others

Of course, when you are high with drugs or consume enough alcoholic drinks, you are bound to misbehave. Those who are influenced by alcohol and hard drugs normally go after their female counterparts to have unsolicited sex with them, which is also known as rape. It is advisable for ladies to avoid a man who is influenced by alcohol; he might use that as an excuse to rape and get away with it.

Settling of scores

Some people see rape as a way of settling scores. This is common amongst students in secondary schools and higher institutions especially amongst cultists. They go after each other’s girlfriends to spite themselves. Rape is also common nowadays amongst secondary school students. The boys go after any girl(s) that seem to have proven difficult to get in school and as soon as they finish their secondary education, they go hell wire and rape the girls without considering the repercussion of such actions.


Most ladies who fall victim are those who are boastful. They boast that no man can try or touch them and that can infuriate the boys who are hell-bent on going after such girls. Most ladies who boast are doing that maybe because of the person they have behind them or .they are from a wealthy home; highly connected with people in government or in military, police and any other uniformed outfit but they must have fallen victim before such people come to their rescue.

Not getting attention of partner (wife)

This is the commonest reason why married men rape other women or ladies. Most men carry out this act when they are being starved by their wives hence they settle for anything around. For those men who cannot afford to have girlfriends outside their marriage or meet sex workers, they settle for their female stewards and if she refuses to accept, they rape them. However, not all men are being starved, some of them decided to do that out of covetousness especially when they start admiring their female stewards.

There are actually many other reasons why ladies are being raped which might not be outlined here but there is need for parents to discourage their female kids or children from watching pornography films and letting them know the implication of doing so.

Also those who are fond of having sex while their children are around should also decease from that act especially those using one room. Women should also stop undressing in front of their male children.

However, there is need to put a stop to continuous raping of our girls or ladies and one of the ways to stop it or reduce it to the barest minimum is by giving our female children martial art training where they will be trained as it is done in South Korea and other parts of the world.

By giving them such training, they would be able to defend themselves where there is no help from law enforcement officers.

Parents should also be interested in what their female children wear. They should discourage them from wearing skimpy and transparent clothes especially when strangers or visitors are around their homes or when they are going out.

They should also teach their children on how to sit well especially in the public in order not to attract unnecessary advances. Parents should also ensure that their female children don’t move alone in lonely areas and late in the night. And also, parents should advise their daughters not to starve their husbands of sex and the men should also be contented with their wives and if they must have sex outside of their wives, they should not do it by force to avoid rape matter, embarrassment or police case.

And finally, when trying to stop rape issues, attention should also be given to the male children. They should ensure that they are not exposed to consumption of hard drugs and alcohol because the moment they start taking such, it would be difficult to control their urge.

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